Review: MiO Water Enhancers

I drink a lot of water each day.  I try my best to have at least 64 oz. of water over the course of any given day – sometimes more.  But I’ll be honest.  Most of the time I don’t really care for how water tastes.  Sure it’s fabulous on a super hot day, after a workout, first thing in the morning etc. but after I’ve had 60 oz. that last 4 just isn’t all the appealing.  When I saw an add for a new product by Kraft I knew I had to give it a try.  MiO water enhancers are concentrated liquid flavor that you add to water.  They contain no calories and come in a variety of flavors.

How do they work?  Read on to find out.

The MiO Water Enhancers come in a variety of flavors.  I picked up the Iced Tea and Fruit Punch versions at my local grocery store this week but there are plenty of other flavors to choose from as well like Berry Pomegranate or Strawberry Watermelon.  Each bottle of MiO is small and sleek containing 1.62 fluid ounces of flavor.  Each “squeeze” of the bottle is good for one 8 ounce serving of water.

To use the MiO you simply open the bottle and squirt in a shot of the liquid.  You can do this into a glass of water, plastic bottle, cup, sports bottle etc. and give it a little shake.  Then close the cap of the MiO.  The cool thing about it is that it requires no refrigeration.  You can leave a bottle of MiO in your car or in your purse and it’ll always be ready to liven up your water.

How does MiO get it’s flavor?  Here’s how Kraft describes it.

MiO is sweetened with Sucralose, a calorie-free, artificial sweetener that is 600 times sweeter than sugar. Generally, non-nutritive sweeteners are calorie free in finished products because they impart high sweetness intensity and are needed only in very small amounts to give desired sweetness to a product. Artificial sweeteners provide sweetness without adding calories to help individuals watching their calorie and sugar intake. To maintain color and freshness, MiO does use certain preservatives and artificial colorings.

Propylene glycol is a common additive found in many products, such as frostings, candies, baked goods, and frozen desserts.  It is considered by the FDA to be “generally recognized as safe” for use in foods.  Propylene glycol is a component of the flavor in MiO Liquid Water Enhancer and helps to distribute the flavor evenly throughout the product.

While MiO contains no calories it does have artificial colors, artificial sweeteners and preservatives.  Once mixed together the newly formed “drink” does take on a sort of processed flavor – similar to Kraft’s Crystal Light zero calorie beverage but it beats the pants out of plain old water 24/7 that’s for sure.  It doesn’t however contain any caffeine.

Each bottle of MiO sells for $3.99 and contains enough liquid for 24 servings.

You can learn more about MiO here.

MSRP:  $3.99

PROS:  Adds flavor to water, small, easily portable, shelf stable.

CONS:  Does have some after-taste.


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