Review: OS7 Theme [Jailbreak]

Do you have an iPhone, and are you tired of the boring and tired out appearance and look of it? Of course, if you have a Jailbroken iPhone or iPod, you probably know about theming. Theming through Winterboard and Cydia gives a whole new appearance to your device, making it completely customizable and awesome-looking (that is, if you have the knowledge to do so). Most themes in Cydia are flat and undeveloped, usually including a background and a couple themed icons – and that’s it! In my personal opinion, that is still boring. There are an overwhelmingly large amount of people who own iPhones and wish they had the exciting and stylish icons and layouts of other phones, such as the Windows Phone 7 — well, having both is completely possible now, thanks to Wyndwarrior from ModMyi.

Wyndwarrior is a “theme legend” over at ModMyi, known for creations such as Backboard (an easier alternative to Winterboard), Endroid theme, Wyndows 7 theme, PerPageHTML, and much more. Wyndwarrior released his latest creation entitled “OS7” on January 30th, 2011. The OS7 theme is currently in beta, which means certain aspects such as multitasking, mobile substrate conflicting, unable to move tiles, spotlight, etc. A comprehensive list of the aspects to be fixed in the final version can be found on ModMyi in the appropriate OS7 theme thread.

There have been plenty of Windows Phone 7 themes created in the past, but this is completely revolutionary and is like nothing else out there on the theme market. Most Windows Phone 7 themes require the user to install tweaks such as SpringJumps, Infiniboard, Iconoclasm, and all that other mumbo-jumbo-hassle. OS7 by Wyndwarrior does not require any of those things… at all (that’s the revolutionary part). Backboard is the only thing users will have to install in order to have OS7 properly working, and it is completely hassle-free. It is literally a one-click install.

OS7 features an aspect called “live tiles,” which you may be familiar with if you’ve heard anything about the Windows Phone 7 theme. It’s difficult to explain through text, but if you watch the video preview, you’ll know what I’m talking about. With live tiles, the icons on OS7 will actually move around—examples include the clock app actually showing the time; the Facebook app will display photos and updates from friends, the photos app will display photos taken from your camera roll, the calendar app will show the date and month; and the weather app will display the weather through images—if it’s raining outside, you’ll see rain, or if it’s sunny outside, you’ll see a sun. OS7 beta includes a fully working and animated home screen with tiles and the “next page” button, which takes you to the long list of every app you have on your iPhone.

That’s basically all that’s been developed on the actual theme for now, but remember this is the beta edition. Wyndwarrior has stated that he’s planning on trying to animate full Windows Phone 7 transition animations, fonts, and more.

Now, to the actual “review” part of this review. When I first saw another Windows Phone 7 theme, I thought, “Oh no, more hours spent trying to set up Iconoclasm, Infiniboard, and all that ridiculousness…” Boy, I stand corrected. The fact that OS7 doesn’t involve any of that is, in my opinion, is the most respectable and greatest aspect of this theme. Users will not have to deal with SSH’ing into your device, editing files, moving all of your apps around, creating categories, etc. You simply install Backboard, download the OS7 theme, hit “Install” and you have Windows Phone 7 on your iPhone in a matter of five minutes.

When I first installed, I was blown away by the smoothness and clarity of the theme. There is absolutely no lagging or delay. The “next page” button transitions quickly, and a list of apps is provided, which I think is easier than navigating through multiple pages and folders. Each native app opens efficiently; although, since it’s beta, every time you open an app you’ll get a pop-up message saying your current version is in beta. To remove this pop-up, you’ll either need to donate or wait for the final release. You can pin and unpin tiles to the home screen, as you would on an actual WP7 phone.

Currently, the Facebook and photos app has a set list of images inside the theme, but Wyndwarrior has stated that in the final releases those two apps will retrieve information from your personal Facebook and camera roll. Wyndwarrior has also stated that this beta version isn’t supposed to be used on a daily basis, but to report bugs and malfunctions. Even as a beta version, I’ve been using this theme since I’ve installed it because I love it so much.

So, if you want to add something new to your iPhone, definitely keep an eye on the OS7 theme created by Wyndwarrior. Only great things can come from the theme, Wyndwarrior, and the community over at

You can learn more about this theme here.

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Cameron Getty has been involved in the tech-world for as long as he can remember. Cameron's first owned electronic was the ever-popular Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Since then, he hasn't set a piece of technology down. Once the iPhone was released, it opened up a whole new world of technology for Cameron.

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