Review: thinksound™ ts02+mic Headphones

thinksound™ ts02+mic Headphones

Simply put – thinksound prides itself in creating environmentally friendly headphones that sound great. From packaging to the physical products themselves, they strive to construct their products with the smallest eco-footprint possible. That’s great, but at $90, are these headphones good enough? Continue reading for the review.

I recently had the opportunity to take thinksound’s ts02+mic headphones for a spin. This particular model is designed to replace the standard iPhone headphone/microphone cable supplied by Apple, but they are compatible with a wide range of devices and should work with anything with a standard 3.5mm audio out jack (for the headphones, at least – microphone compatibility may vary). I tested them with an iPhone 4 and a MacBook.

thinksound™ ts02+mic Headphones

After taking everything out of the box, I was immediately impressed with the look of the product, as well as the slick packaging. I felt more “green” just having these in my hand. You get the headphones with integrated microphone and call control, four sets of various sized ear fittings, a small plastic clip to attach the headphones to your shirt or jacket and a really sharp tie-string carrying pouch. The headphones are available in Black Chocolate (which I reviewed) and Silver Cherry.

thinksound™ ts02+mic Headphones

I can honestly say this is probably the best looking set of earbud-type headphones I have ever used. After testing out a few of the ear fittings, I settled on one of the smaller sizes.

Obviously, the most important characteristic of headphones is how they sound and these little guys don’t disappoint. Once you get the right sized fittings for your ears, they become almost noise-canceling. Even with no audio playing through them, they pretty much negated all the sound in the room (even with three kids nearby during some of my tests). The headphones provide nice, clean audio and a surprisingly rich bass – something rare in most earbud headphones I’ve used.

thinksound™ ts02+mic Headphones

The microphone and call control works as you’d expect. The sensitivity isn’t adjustable, but it was absolutely fine when I tested it. When I plugged the headphones into my Macbook, both the headphones and microphone worked flawlessly.

In closing, I found the ts02+mic headphones to be great. The multiple ear fittings make finding a comfortable fit easy, and the sound is really nice. At $90 they are a bit on the pricey side, but I think you’ll be impressed with the design as much as I was – and you’ll most definitely be impressed by the sound quality.

The ts02+mic headphones are available from the thinksound website for $89.99 with free shipping. You can also check out the site for a complete list of compatible devices.

MSRP: $89.99

PROS: lightweight, nice design, multiple ear fittings, good audio quality, surprisingly good bass, eco-friendly

CONS: may not work with your device (but probably will)


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  • "I can honestly say this is probably the best looking set of earbud-type headphones I have ever used." runaround-tech.